Christmas is nearly here! After the hustle and bustle of the big family get-together at Christmas you might be wondering what you can busy yourself with. What better time to start planning and designing a loft conversion for the New Year? Here are the reasons why a loft conversion in January may be the ideal time.


Fresh start

New Year resolutions are in abundance in January, with friends and relatives looking for ways to start the year afresh. Your fresh new start could be a loft conversion. It gives you the opportunity to utilise the unused space in your loft, and make the most of your home without having to move. Plus it gives you a project to help design and watch as it progresses.

Make a change

There are so many possibilities for a loft conversion, so think about what positive change you want to make this year. You may want an extra bedroom to allow relatives to visit more often, or you may want a study to learn a new hobby or even a chill out room where you can simply relax with your family.

Quiet period

Builders tend to have a quieter period during the winter months in terms of their workload, which means it will be more flexible to arrange building work to be carried out, rather than during the summer when building companies are really busy. January also tends to be a quiet month in terms of social events and spending after a busy December which allows you more free time to focus on a building work project.


If your home could improve with a new loft conversion this January, then get in touch with J Wolf Construction. We specialise in stunning loft conversions in South West London that can increase both your living space and the value of your home. For more information, call us on 07835 517516 or contact us online.