When considering some new building work on your home, such as a loft conversion or house extension, it can be difficult to know when the best time will be. If your house will be particularly exposed, you may want to consider the weather and temperature. Or if you’re in a rush to get the work complete before children go back to school after the summer, then you may be looking for a summer project. Here’s some advice which may help your decision.


The summer months are considered by many to be the easiest time to have construction work completed. This is because the weather is usually dry which is ideal for builders. It also means that if you are having any structural changes carried out such as walls knocked down, your house will not be particularly cold as the weather is warmer. However, this is a common thought so building and construction companies tend to be busiest at this time.


Winter is a much quieter time for building companies, so you are more likely to get the work completed at a time that suits you. Although the weather may not be ideal or pleasant, tarpaulins can be used to keep the building work safe from the rain. There can be a worry that the project is delayed if the weather is particularly bad but this usually only occurs with extreme weather conditions.

It will mainly depend on your own circumstances or situation as to which time of year you have your work completed. If the summer or winter is not ideal, you may want to go for the spring or autumn for a happy medium.

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