If you’re looking to extend your property and increase both the value and space, you need to analyse the area surrounding your home. By taking a good look at this, you can evaluate what space you can lose in order to add space to the interior. You also need to consider what you want to achieve from extending. There are a number of home extensions possible, in order to maximise your usable space.

Rear extensions

Rear extensions protrude from the back of your property. By extending out of the back of your house, you can create a space that will open out into your garden and bring the outdoors in. This is usually accomplished with bi-folding patio doors that bring in plenty of light and act as a gateway to your garden. Rear extensions are ideal for those with plenty of garden space and can afford to lose some.

Side extensions

Side extensions extend your home into a side alley or pathway, making the most of a small side area. This is a great option if the space is rarely used anyway, and even the smallest of extensions can be invaluable in terms of adding to a room. Side extensions are typically used to enlarge a kitchen or lounge and can be really beneficial.

Wrap-around extensions

These extensions literally wrap around the side and back of your property. They make the most of any usable space you may have around your house and can dramatically change the interior of your home. By combining both a side and rear extension, you can perhaps add an entirely new room to your property and really change the lower storey.

Double storey extensions

If you’re looking for a full house transformation, then you may want a double storey extension. These allow you to increase space on both levels of your property, which can greatly enhance the value of your home.
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