What are Green Roofs?

“What means Green?”

Green Roofs are clear proof that you built a modern house. A lot of people say, that they are not saving as much energy, as was told. Anyway, they have their purpose:

  • they absorb heat
  • they absorb CO2
  • they absorb large amount of the water
  • they provide a degree of insulation

London now has regulations in place requiring buildings of a certain size and function to have a green roof.

Nowadays, we know 3 types of Green RoofsIntensive, Extensive, Semi-Extensive.

These types of Green Roofs could be compared to thick and thin principes, as we go upper on the scale, more water could be absorbed. Intensive Green Roofs need a lot of care to be working properly. On the other hand, Semi-Extensive Green Roofs are low-maintenance.

How can I install Green Roof?

Green roofs can not be installed on every type of the roof. Planting a Green Roof is the easiest part. As a guide, prices could be somewhere from £50/m2 to £200/m2.

To be honest, Green Roofs are a great improvement in ecological terms. Green Roofs do not have to be applied on the whole roof. If you plant just half of your roof with Green Roofs, you will make a huge step to be more ecological and also design of your house will be highly improved.