When you have a new extension added to your home, it’s important to remember security. You should administer the same security measures you have for the rest of your property to your extension, to ensure it is not a ‘weak spot’ into your home, and to give yourself peace of mind. Here are some security features to consider.

Burglar alarms

A burglar alarm is a great deterrent for crime and will alert anyone in the household if someone has entered your property. If you already have a burglar system installed around the house, you may need a new separate system fitted in order to install new alarms in the extension. If you do not already have burglar alarms installed, it may be time to consider your options and improve the general security of your home.

Secure doors

If your new home extension will act as an entrance into your garden and open into the outdoors, you’ll need a secure door. Make sure you choose a door that you can lock securely to ensure no access from the outside. If you are having Sliding doors or French doors fitted with large windows, it may be worth looking at extra plastic glazing or laminated glass which is particularly tough to break.

Double glazed windows

Double glazed windows are ideal for both security and energy efficiency. They are much more secure than traditional single pane windows and offer an extra layer of protection for your home. The added sheet of glass acts as extra insulation too and can reduce your energy wastage – and maybe even your bills. Always choose windows that can lock for optimal safety measures.

Outdoor security lights

Lighting around the outside of your extension is not only useful for when you’re entering your home in the dark, but can be a deterrent for burglars. Lights that are set off by movement will put burglars off, as it will make them much more visible to neighbours.

At J Wolf Construction, we always use double glazed windows and secure doors when designing extensions to ensure a high level of security. We specialise in house extensions in Wimbledon and neighbouring areas of London so if you’d like some more information, why not get in touch? You can call us on 07832 517 516 or contact us online.