With a constant stream of DIY videos, manuals and tutorials coming off the internet, many have started to take matters into their own hands and began creating and reshaping their homes themselves. We absolutely encourage working on your personal projects, which are that more rewarding, nevertheless we feel a responsibility to make sure you now the proper safety measures first. That’s why in today’s article, Jwolf brings you a quick list of tips for working on DIY projects around the house.


Allways have a first aid kit at hand

We’re not saying that you’re clumsy, but still, you have to anticipate at least some scratches and scrapes and be prepared even for more serious injuries(when working with dangerous tools for instance). Have your first aid kit stocked and in reach, you certainly won’t regret it.

Place ladders using the “4-to-1” rule

When placing ladders up against a wall or a tree, use the 4-to-1 rule, making sure that for every four feet of ladder height, the bottom part of the ladder itself should be one foot away from the object that it’s leaning against.

Make sure you are up to the task

This should not be taken as a lack of confidence in your skills, nor should be it be taken lightly. Think about the tasks that you set for yourself and consider the possibility that you might leave some of them to a professional. We all have our limitations, so just take on tasks, that you’re absolutely certain you can finish. Ideally without injuring yourself or others in the process.

Avoid exposure to dust and fibers

Some raw materials can put highly toxic and hazardous fibers or dust in the air, so when sanding, scraping or dislodging surfaces containing asbestos for instance, always wear a proper dust mask. They are not expensive and can save you several years of your life later on.

Knock Knock on the Wall

Who hasn’t at least once imagined himself, standing tall, a massive sledgehammer in their hands, letting out all pent up fury and rage out and smashing in a big wall with their own strength? And certainly, with the proper tool and preparation it can be done easily, but there’s one crucial fact you have to remember and always check beforehand – the wall you are about to knock down can not be load-bearing. A mistake like this could make your house structurally unstable, even causing it to collapse. Therefore, if you’re not sure about the wall in question, consult a professional.

Some of these tips are obvious, yet should be kept in mind nevertheless, some less and therefore easy to overlook. Regardless of the above advice, always use your most powerful tool first – your common sense.

Have any other important safety advice that should have been included? Give us a shout-out in the comments below, you might just save someone’s good health.