Loft conversion and everything you should know before you start one by yourself.

Converting your empty attic space into a useable room can be the most cost effective way of adding significant value to your home and increasing your liveable space.

Why do a loft conversion?

A loft conversion can add a significant amount of money  – up to 20% – to the value of a property. Many families choose to convert their loft area as a means of obtaining more space without having to endure the costly and stressful process of moving home.

Is my loft a useable space?

You’ll want to start by assessing whether your roof space is suitable for conversion. Take a measurement from the bottom of the ridge timber to the top of the ceiling joist. You may find you can get a useful room with as little as 2.2m in the useable part of the roof.

How will I use the space?

Once you have roughly established your home is suitable for a loft conversation, think about how you would like to use it; perhaps an extra bedroom with en-suite bathroom, or maybe a den or playroom for your growing children. How about a space to relax or study?

Can I convert the loft myself?

The installation of a loft conversion is a complicated process, which may involve your planning department and certainly require Building Regulations sign off.