House extensions are a great option for homes lacking valuable space. If you don’t own a large garden that could be turned into a house extension, then a side extension could be for you. Side extensions will utilise any side space you have next to your home, which may be a garden, alley or even a path. They may be small but are they still worth it?

Enlarge a room

Extensions can be used to add an extra room to a home, or simply enlarge a room you may already have. Depending on the space on the side of your house, you may not be able to add an extra room with a side extension but increasing the size of an existing room can be really beneficial.

The ability to fit a dining table into your kitchen can create a stylish, open plan kitchen-diner which can transform the feel of your home. Or you might rather extend your living space and create room for an extra sofa to fit more friends and family round. Just a fraction of added space can make a room much more open and airy.

Two storeys

Your home may be eligible for a two storey side extension, with double the benefits. Two storey side extensions allow you to enlarge two rooms of your home, making them even more worthwhile. If both your downstairs and upstairs rooms are lacking space, this may be the best option to really get your money’s worth.

Side extensions may seem small but can be really beneficial to your home if utilised efficiently. Careful planning and consideration is key, to make the most out of the improved space. If your home needs a side extension, get in touch with J Wolf Construction. We specialise in house extensions in Wimbledon so call us today on 07832 517516.