In this article, we would like to answer our most commonly asked questions about fire doors.

Is it worth to replace regular doors with fire doors when I do any renovations? We can tell that it is. Fire doors are a complex subject, that will highly increase your home safety.

How can I tell that these doors are fire doors?

Fire doors have been invented to increase the time, which fire needs to slip under them as a smoke or as a flame as well. The most used and the most common type of the fire doors is FD30 (30 minutes protection).

When I need to change regular doors for fire doors?

If you are under a big renovation or extension, you might have got this information from your architect. For your building regulation application to be approved, your local council’s Building Control Officer will want confirmation that this technical standard has been met.

You also need to have fire doors when:

  • a 2 storey house which has a door leading from an internal garage into the house
  • new built or renovated house with at least 3 storeys needs to have fire doors to every habitable room off the stairwell.

Do I also need to replace my standard room doors for the fire doors?

It is not necessary. Anyway, there is nothing bad about installing fire doors to your house. 

However, before doing so, consider and check the following:

  • your doors need to fit correctly – do not forget to check the measurement
  • let your new doors to be installed by a professional

This is a very common topic. To be working properly, your fire doors need to be installed and used with other approved parts. Every fire doors have their own test evidence and information, what type of ironmongery to use.

As you can see, fitting your new fire doors is not that simple, as it looks. Do not risk anything and contact us to receive more information.