How to Renovate a House

You have taken your time and finally picked an amazing property to renovate.

Perhaps you already have ideas in mind how to adjust it and make it work for you. However, as tempting as it may be to start knocking down walls and rushing into it – you need to fully prepare the design before any work starts happening.

Thus, being organised and considering all the specifics and details in advance; will put you in the best position for achieving your dream renovation, as well as being on budget.

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Clear understanding of what you want

You probably have some initial objectives to begin planning, we would suggest preparing two stages: wishlist for must haves and research exterior and interior elements of design you like the look of.

In the wish list for must haves, you can include things such as; adding an extra room, creating a walk-in wardrobe or glazed doors that open into the garden. Considering your current floor plan, build suggestions for how you can make it all happen.

When researching your preferred elements of design, it is helpful to create moodboards and see how the styles can all smoothly fit together. This step will really help you envision the renovation in more detail.



Repurposing unused space

Some areas may not be utilised as best as possible. Perhaps there’s space under the stairs that could be used as another small toilet in the house.

Maximising natural light

Considering what times of the day you’ll be using different spaces, research what glazing solutions are possible to give you the most daylight.

Connecting to the garden

Is there already a strong link between the inside living space and the outside or would a span of glazed doors allow better access and views to the garden.

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Finding a designer

Keeping everything in mind; it is a good idea to establish who’s going to bring the design to a reality, get it approved by your local planners, if planning consent is required.

An architect isn’t necessarily the only suitable designer for drawing up your renovation plans. However, it is worth recognizing that anyone can call themselves a designer. Therefore, it is important to check over their credentials an expertise they have gathered before deciding if they are the right fit for you.

Some people are less likely to employ and architect, as they worry about the cost. But most of the time the results you get from an experienced designer will be value for money.


In conclusion, this is our simple yet effective guide to begin your house renovation journey. We hope you find it useful and wish you best of luck with any future projects.

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