Is it worth to make a House Extension in Wimbledon?

For a lot of households, there comes a time when your home becomes a bit of a squeeze. Maybe growing children are filling the house with their friends, toys and noise and making the rooms seem smaller than they used to be.

So should you move somewhere bigger, or extend your house to make it large enough for you and your activities?

In some situations the decision is, of course, made for you. If you live in a flat with no garden, there is little chance of making it bigger. But if you have a house with outside space or a loft with enough headroom, extending your property becomes real possibility.


Your location, and the level of demand for your type of home, could make a big difference to the financial implications of extending versus moving.


The costs involved in building an extension are undeniably substantial, and going through building work can be wearing. As a result, Brendan Cox, managing director of estate agents Waterfords, based in Fleet, Surrey, believes buying is a better option for many people.