A new extension to the rear of your property means having to pick new doors. Homeowners want to choose a door that is secure and aesthetically pleasing to complement their new extension and the rest of their home.

French Doors

Let light into the space with French windows. The folding doors not only help bring extra light into the new space, but also allow you to view your garden and provide easy access to the outdoors. You can choose from a range of modern and traditional styles.

Bi-Folding and Sliding Doors

Bi-Folding and Sliding DoorsBring light and air into your home without having to consider space restrictions with bi-folding or sliding patio doors. Folding or sliding doors are perfect for homes with smaller gardens as they won’t take up as much outdoors space as French doors when open.

Stable Doors

Add a touch of the countryside to your home with a stable door. Being able to open half of the door can be handy during warm summer days when you want some fresh air. This type of door can be painted any colour and models can come with windows or without as per your style choice.

Security and Energy Efficiency

It is not only the type of door that you need to consider, you also need to think carefully about how secure the door will be and whether it is an energy efficient option. Warm air escaping through doors will increase your energy bills, so check the energy efficiency rating of any door you consider. If choosing a glass door, make sure it is double or triple glazed for minimal heat loss.

Check that the door provides a good level of security and is fitted with locks to help prevent burglary.

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