New Year’s resolutions often mean new starts, which could mean contemplating putting your house on the market. As London house prices are continually on the rise, you may find that it’s easier and much cheaper to stay put and instead inject some life into your home by renovating.

Discover the functionality

Though your home may currently perfectly meet your desired style, you may not be making the most of it. Renovation doesn’t just mean repainting, but can also mean improving the functionality of your home. For instance, through careful planning having a new kitchen installed can see you getting much more storage space without taking up much more room.

Improving the comfort

Your home can become much more comfortable once it has been renovated. Whether you choose to have a new fireplace installed, want to knock down a wall so that you have room for an extra sofa, or are planning on making your office more than just a desk in the corner of your living room, renovating can help make the space you already have far more comfortable.

Splash of colour

If you’re not happy with the current colour scheme of your house, then renovating and repainting can change that. Often, we enjoy our homes much more when they are rejuvenated by a fresh paint job, so if you’re contemplating moving, perhaps it’s time to invest in fresh decoration before placing your home on the market.

Future value

If you do decide to renovate, don’t feel like you have to stay put for the rest of your life. Renovation work often adds to the value of your home, especially when it frees up space or includes modern ergonomic designs, so you’re likely to find that your house will sell for much more than you expected because of your investment.

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