Many of us have been there – whether renovating a house or a simple flat, renovation takes its toll when not done correctly. For those of you starting to plan a renovation and/or an expansion of your home, Jwolf has put together a list of common mistakes and basic advice which can save you a lot of time, money and in some cases, tears.


Let’s begin in the preparatory phase shall we? Most of the common mistakes happen right here because of lack of planning. Which brings us to our first common mistake:

Prep work done insufficiently or not at all

You have to take the time to do it right and to do it so right from the beginning. It can save you a LOT of time later down the way. Think your whole project through from different viewpoints and consider all the risks that may come into play.

Unrealistic Budget

You can never be sure of certain things in renovation – what’s hiding behind a wall that you are pulling down? Or under the floor that you are replacing? You have to set your budget realistically and realize, that the biggest cost is more often than not the labor itself.

Inaccurate measurements

An inch, even half an inch can make a huge difference in your renovation. If you can’t rely on yourself to do the measurement accurately, do not hesitate to find someone who will make sure everything fits perfectly.

Ignoring lighting

You have to take the various lighting conditions around your home into careful consideration. It can have a huge impact on everything from color to the general atmosphere and completely change the overall effect. What you need is to think about the different types of lighting and combine them in a harmonious and effective manner: general, task and drama or accent lighting – they all have to be thought of.

Hiring unqualified builders

Your renovation plans can very easily turn into your worst nightmare should you hire the wrong people for the job. Make sure your builder is confident of undertaking the work required of him, understands the specifics and has done similar work before. Don’t be afraid to ask them for the contact of their former clients which can provide you with references, should you be in doubt. Ask them if the project was completed on time and on budget. Ask them if they would consider hiring them again and then go from there.


There are, of course, a lot more mistakes that a person can make whilst renovating or expanding their home. These project can be very time-consuming, tiring and tedious, so you have to make sure, you’ve got it all worked out well enough to see things through and get it done the right way.

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