Kitchen Extension in Wimbledon – How to

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Building a Kitchen Extension in Wimbledon Whilst there are plenty of ways in which you can make the most of a small kitchen, you may be considering building a kitchen extension to get the space you want. Opening up your new kitchen not only provides more options for cooking but it can also provide an

Loft Conversion in Wimbledon – A complete guide

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Do I Need Planning Permission for my Loft Conversion? You don’t normally require planning permission for a standard room-in-roof loft conversion – that may include a dormer – unless: the newly converted space is over 50m³ (40m³ for a terraced home); the dormer is beyond the plane of the existing roof slope on the front

House Extension in Wimbledon – How it can be made?

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Is it worth to make a House Extension in Wimbledon? For a lot of households, there comes a time when your home becomes a bit of a squeeze. Maybe growing children are filling the house with their friends, toys and noise and making the rooms seem smaller than they used to be. So should you

Kitchen Extension – Your first Extension

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House extensions & kitchen extensions Many older style properties in Wimbledon and the rest of South London lend themselves very well to a kitchen bathroom or house extension because of their period features such as high ceilings.  House extensions As your family expands and grows, it is often more cost effective to have a house extension, rather than moving home. Decide what

Loft Conversion – Where should I start?

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Loft conversion and everything you should know before you start one by yourself. Converting your empty attic space into a useable room can be the most cost effective way of adding significant value to your home and increasing your liveable space. Why do a loft conversion? A loft conversion can add a significant amount of money

What is a house extension?

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What is a House Extension? House extension in Wimbledon, London House extension is a process, where you can add more space to your house for a reasonable price. Nowadays we know many types of House Extensions. Orangery-style extensions This is a typical type of house extension. The approximate price is around £30,000 and will be perfect

Why should I use fire doors in my home?

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In this article, we would like to answer our most commonly asked questions about fire doors. Is it worth to replace regular doors with fire doors when I do any renovations? We can tell that it is. Fire doors are a complex subject, that will highly increase your home safety. How can I tell that

The right man for the right job – how to find the right contractor?

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Planning a renovation? Looking into expanding the possibilities of your home? If you're not a pro builder yourself, you'll have to take the way most of us mortals do – hire a contractor. So many choices though, isn't that right? All of them are most qualified, all of them are the most professional, all of

Five home improvement trends for 2019

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Every year there are lots of new trends in the home improvement market, and 2016 is no exception. To help you pick out the best ideas, we’ve put together a list of our favourites. Sunrooms Do you have a big garden, but find that you don’t use it at all? Why not extend your house and