Exit Strategy – Choosing doors for rear extensions

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A new extension to the rear of your property means having to pick new doors. Homeowners want to choose a door that is secure and aesthetically pleasing to complement their new extension and the rest of their home. French Doors Let light into the space with French windows. The folding doors not only help bring

Flooring options for your new extension

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Once your new extension is built, you need to start thinking about interior decoration and how to make the space fit in with the rest of your home. Amongst colour schemes and furniture, you also need to consider what type of flooring you want to lay down in the new space. To help you make

Security measures for house extensions

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When you have a new extension added to your home, it’s important to remember security. You should administer the same security measures you have for the rest of your property to your extension, to ensure it is not a ‘weak spot’ into your home, and to give yourself peace of mind. Here are some security

Is it worth getting a side extension?

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House extensions are a great option for homes lacking valuable space. If you don’t own a large garden that could be turned into a house extension, then a side extension could be for you. Side extensions will utilise any side space you have next to your home, which may be a garden, alley or even

Make next year’s festivities spectacular with a kitchen extension

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As most of us begin our final preparations for end of year celebrations, some may be starting to realise that their home doesn’t quite accommodate for their seasonal plans. A kitchen that is too small, a dining table that can’t quite fit everyone round, and not enough chairs for everyone to sit on while watching

How to choose between a loft conversion and a house extension

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When wanting to increase the space in your house, it is likely that you’re facing the tricky decision of whether to convert your loft or extend your home. As there are so many different benefits to both options, we’ve looked at some of the advantages and disadvantages of each, and come up with some questions

When is the best time to have building work carried out on your home?

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When considering some new building work on your home, such as a loft conversion or house extension, it can be difficult to know when the best time will be. If your house will be particularly exposed, you may want to consider the weather and temperature. Or if you’re in a rush to get the work

Should my kitchen extension be heated separately to the rest of my house?

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Once you’ve decided you’re extending your property for a bigger kitchen, you need to think about heating options. There are two main options, whether to have your kitchen heating linked up to your main central heating system, or to create a new heating system for the one room. Both options have their merits, and it

Adding Value to Your Home with an Extension

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House extensions are a great way of adding value to your property. Extending your home will not only increase the space and quality of your house, but add monetary value to your home if you put it up for sale. If you’re considering an extension to your home, here are some ways it could benefit