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Should my kitchen extension be heated separately to the rest of my house?

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Once you’ve decided you’re extending your property for a bigger kitchen, you need to think about heating options. There are two main options, whether to have your kitchen heating linked up to your main central heating system, or to create a new heating system for the one room. Both options have their merits, and it

Insulating my loft conversion

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Making sure your loft conversion is properly insulated is vital for a warm, cost-effective attic. You want to be reassured you’ve got value for your money and that energy isn’t escaping from your roof. There are two ways that loft conversions are typically insulated; ‘cold roof’ and ‘warm roof’ method.

Can I have a loft extension if I have a water tank in my roof?

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More and more people are realising that loft conversions are beneficial to a property. They not only increase space, but add monetary value. It’s a common concern that having a water tank in your roof means you can’t extend your loft but this is not true. If you’re thinking of increasing the space in your